Emergency Survival Tips - Get Ready for a Zombie Attack

zombie survival kit checklist

Whether you imagine you will have an actual Zombie Apocalypse, being prepared is only going to increase your likelihood of surviving a variety of other potentially life-threatening events. With increasing incidents of earthquakes, disease, social unrest, drug use, vaccinations, immunizations, genetically modified foods, chemical additives, power shortages, violent crime, and television reality shows, surely that it'll simply be a matter of time before we face an enormous crisis of some type.

zombie survival kit checklist
In the long run, if the ZA arrives, the zombies won't offer a sh*t if you believe inside them or otherwise! You're either prepared, or you're zombie food. The first step to being prepared would be to know your enemy.

Exactly what are Zombies?

Zombies were people just like you and me, but that have somehow become turned into mindless flesh-eating creatures. There are many theories of the zombies are, or what type of zombies we'll have the pleasure of working with at the next out-break, but history has given us some clues.

The very first official record of "undead zombies" is at November of 2000, and was due to the mutated cross-gene virus referred to as (nvCJD/BF) Bird flu / CJD. New variant Creutzfeldt - Jakob disease. Apparently, this virus evolved from a cross-mutation from the mad cow virus and also the bird flu, and began infecting humans throughout the Great britain. Victims would essentially "die" after being have contracted herpes virus, as well as their corpses would become reanimated as aggressive, hungry zombies. Although widely reported at the time, this zombie scourge was kept a secret by certain government and military intelligence agencies, as well as the media and witnesses were silenced.

There were other reports of massive zombie outbreaks due to radiation poisoning, military experimentation with biological weapons, usage of certain drug or chemical agents, and other infections. In almost all cases there is a government cover-up involved. Typically the victims become violently ill within hours before falling right into a deep coma, simply to awaken as "zombies". Although mental and physical ability can vary greatly with respect to the reason for the "infection", a spook typically loses the ability for higher level functioning, and acts on basic brain-stem impulses, including:



 Feeding and hunger



 Other Autonomic Functions

So although some zombies may move faster than others, typically since the zombification process progresses the zombie will become slower and lose agility / mobility. Fortunately as a result them simpler to escape than the average human predator. However, know that zombies do not get tired or feel pain, they often times travel in packs, and they'll attack with animal-like ferocity. They're also challenging to kill because so many organs have ceased functioning and they're driven by primal impulses from other brain-stem carried with the body's nerves. The sole proven way to destroy a spook is always to destroy their brain.

How you can Survive a spook Attack

There are a number of considerations to improve the chances of you surviving an attack from the zombie horde, including shelter, food and supplies, weapons, team-building, and training. There are a variety of other resources available which discuss weapons and supplies more in-depth, so with regard to efficiency we are going to only briefly review them. The main objective of the report will be on your training.


Chances are sooner or later you'll come in person with a zombie. Weaponry is very important, your most effective asset is the own body. This is the time the old saying "survival with the fittest" represents literal significance. The rest being equal, people that have greater strength, fitness, and strength of mind will survive a long. To keep physically ready for this kind of event requires adherence for an effective training and eating plan. To get you going on the best track, this article describe 4 Survival Exercises to start incorporating in your current workouts.

Even if you're well-armed, time should come whenever you must be able to run, jump, climb, fight, and crawl to survive a spook attack. This will require strength, stamina, and power. These four exercises are a fantastic learn to developing these attributes.

Box Jumps

This is an explosive lower body exercise to help you jump up onto, or over, obstacles that zombies will not be able to navigate. Box jumps and jump squats also have a carry-over into other movements, such as Muscle-Ups. To conquer a higher fence or jump on the surface of a shed, balcony, or garage, you could first must be in a position to jump up to obtain a hold on top one which just pull yourself up and about it.

Progressively boost the height with the box or platform you are able to jump up onto, please remember that the box jump involves your full body; lean forward prior to deciding to jump and extend your physique powerfully as you jump, while incorporating a lively arm swing.

Tire Hammer Slams

There are many variations of sledgehammer tire slams, nevertheless the same principles may take place. Use a rotational swing when you fall, back, and round the body with the hammer. Extend towards the top of the swing, then flex your physique forward into the swing (based on how you're swinging). Assist the hammer, instead of fighting it... momentum is your friend here. Also practice swinging from each side, with only one arm... you need to be prepared should you wind up losing an arm to one of these beasts.

Similar technique pertains to other weapons such as baseball bats, clubs, axes, steel bars, etc. Learn to use everything you offer to you personally within your immediate surroundings.

HIIT and Sprint Work

To leave zombies a particular amount of conditioning is essential, but long, slow cardio workouts is really a waste. Zombies avoid getting tired. Being able to jog long distances is especially useless when confronted with a horde of zombies. You'll need strength and agility to escape during these situations. You best be capable of run fast, then do not when needed, after which back to a sprint without fatiguing.

The bottom line is to use Intense Interval training workout and sprint work. Your interval training workout / sprint workouts should not traverses Twenty minutes.

Muscle Ups and Progressions

Muscle up is really a challenging upper body exercise that's usually performed explosively, however, advanced trainees can execute this movement with slow control also. Once you provide the strength, power, and skill to accomplish several muscle ups, you should have the capacity to pull yourself up onto or higher barriers, fences, and high obstacles. Quickly climbing ropes, ladders, and trees will become much simpler also.

Because the muscle up is such a hard exercise to understand, it will take a serious amounts of progressively work up to it.

If you consistently train these four exercises you'll be much more likely to survive the zombie plague. However, these are merely scratching the top... being turn yourself into a zombie-killing machine, also to be a true survivalist, you need to adhere to a well-designed training course that includes "functional" exercises that have a higher degree of carry-over to true to life activities.

Your training course ought to include bodyweight training (ie: calisthenics-type exercises), implement training (ie: strongman-style 'odd-implement' training), and free weight exercises (ie: barbells and dumbbells). The exercise selection needs to be dedicated to compound, multi-joint movements, and really should include some speed, power, and explosiveness training also.

Shelter and Fortification

If you're trapped in your own home when the Z-Day arrives, fortify your house as much as possible as soon as possible. Take away the room doors on the inside of your house, and nail on them the main floor windows. Wedge chairs under the door handles of the outside doors and move heavy furniture and appliances facing any possible points of entry. Shut off all lights (in the event you still need electricity) and stay as quiet as possible next. Gather as much food, water and potential weaponry as you possibly can for the best location within your house and wait.

Assuming it's possible, it's always best to get free from any major city or heavily populated area, and discover a good location in a more isolated lodging outside town. If you cannot get free from the town, look for a big department shop for example Walmart or Costco. These normally have fewer entrances to barricade compared to a mall, and they will have an ample amount of food and supplies. This is a long run solution, however the ultimate goal is to buy away from any heavily populated area.


Neglecting to prepare is preparing to fail. Assembled a zombie survival kit ahead of time, and also you will not be playing around an infested city attempting to gather supplies! There are a variety of websites that sell pre-prepared survival packs, however you can certainly help make your own.

There are also prepared lists of supplies posted by other survivalists on Amazon.com.

In addition, stock up just as much water in bottles, canned food, and dried goods as you possibly can to help keep you well-fed when you sit out the initial few weeks with the apocalypse. This is just an intelligent thing to do when preparing for black-outs, disasters, food shortages, or economic collapse.


Firearms truly must be the best weapons to get readily available when the zombies stumble to your town, but there are a few practicalities to consider. First of all, how easy is the costume for one to purchase a gun where you reside? If you reside in the more right-leaning state in the united states you should not possess issue obtaining the firearm of your choice. If you are a person in any street gang worth it's rep, You can be able to arm yourself too.

It is advisable to own at least one long term (ie: rifle) and one short range weapon (ie: shotgun or pistol). You will want to think about licencing your weapon (usually) and finding out how to put it to use properly. Considering the fact that you will need a direct head-shot to kill a zombie, you need to spend time with target practice on the gun range. Simply owning a gun does not allow you to an expert marksman. Get prepared now. Needless to say, following the Day of the Dead arrives, anything goes! Loot and steal as many weapons and supplies as you can. The harder epic the weapon the better... in the event you happen across a jeep-mounted machine gun (ala Rambo), grab it and enjoy yourself blowing the undead to bits!

Another limitation to think about with firearms is that you will likely run out of bullets prior to runing out of zombies to kill. Another solid alternative is really a crossbow, since potentially re-use the arrows if you can to retrieve them. However, this requires a lot more training than employing a gun, and you can still exhaust arrows. In any case it is advisable to have other melee weapons readily available for instance a baseball bat, sledgehammer, axes, a shovel, crowbar, long blade knives,along with a machete or sword if you're able to choose one.

As mentioned earlier, you will also must be premade any random objects around you as weapons if need be.

Team Building

Another step to survival is beneficial team development. This really is one of the reasons we assembled Team Barbarian. Ideally you can combine a swimming pool of friends with different skill-sets and backgrounds, such as medical, military, a chef, an engineer, a mechanic, a science buff, etc. You could also desire to become buddies with that crazy guy along the block... you realize the main one; the ex-military red-neck survivalist who keeps stockpiles of canned food and weapons in his basement bunker.

When gathering supplies, travel in groups of a minimum of A few people... and preferably be certain that you're always grouped up with somebody who is a little in poor condition and slower than you. This makes sure that he can be eaten before you if zombies take chase, which can buy you some time.

Finally, keep in mind that if you are best friend gets bitten, blow his head off or crush his skull straight away! Don't be stupid.

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